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Max Toback joins me, Jesse Stewart, to discuss my recent win of the 2023 Veteran Golf Association (VGA) National Championship for the Combat-Wounded Division. The ethical dilemma discussed during this podcast is whether to stay in the Combat-Wounded Division or solely compete in the open division.


This scenario fits the definition of an ethical dilemma in that my decision will affect one person or group, regardless of which path I choose for the 2024 VGA National Championship. If I stay in the Combat-Wounded Division, I will be shown the ability to win and be a planning factor for the other members of the Division next year.


 If I leave the Division, that opens the door for other combat-wounded veterans. Leaving the Division would affect the open Division of golfers, given they now have to play against someone who has won in a different field.



00:05    Introduction

02:15     Discussion of the Ethical Dilemma

16:40     Analysis of the Ethical Dilemma and Exploration of Options

26:55    Direction for 2024

45:00    Conclusion

48:40    Comprehensive List of Academic References



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