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During the initiation process of "The Phoenix Project," I traveled to depths of pain, I soon discovered beyond imaginable, even for my tolerance established by my past. This free fall, seemingly propelled by jet fuel and an engine strapped to my back, pointed straight down. During this time, I rocketed well past the pain of losing 14 Rangers in a single deployment command of Charlie Troop (TF300), to include nine killed in action on one day.

Surprisingly the depths went beyond the loss of a child immediately following the prementioned deployment, and soon after, my family. ​My response to trauma to that point was a horrific "lead by example" display for my younger brothers when showing how to deal with my first stepfather. As a commissioned Army Officer, those abilities to absorb pain exasperated to unquantifiable levels.


This response initially consisted of simply ignoring, then isolating, and then an addiction to becoming a "Human-doer". Finally, reliance on an eventual dependence on substances designed to slow my mind. ​One can imagine how this cocktail of responses overtime set the conditions for spontaneous combustion.


The purpose was not to establish new, record-level rock bottoms or to set the conditions for a more epic rise. The intent was to bring as many of my soldiers, friends, peers, and veterans back, at least those wanting a "chance" to come back to normalcy. When enough had at least the chance to be saved, perhaps then I would be worthy as well?


I cannot answer precisely why I needed to make it this difficult for myself. Perhaps it was attributed to the guilt associated with my promotions in the military ahead of my peers. Often this recognition resulted from events where many died under my leadership, and I ended up with the award. I escaped death, trouble, and the wrong side of "right" one too many times. Perhaps karma catching up.


Regardless, I beg and plead this point to everyone I share the Phoenix Project with and is the thesis to this book. ​You do not need to get to the depths of struggle, pain, and hollowness I did to start your Phoenix Project. The process is to plug and play and ready for execution. It has spoken to Olympic-caliber Athletes down to the alcoholic that lacks the motivation to make it to the toilet.

I could tell you to "Be the winner you are called to be, and the Best Version of yourself is right around the corner, next to the pot of gold and the unicorn that defecates rainbows." W


Instead: Just execute, and #NeverFxckingQuit.


Rangers Lead the Way!


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