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  1. This is a stroke play event, with all USGA Rules in Effect.

  2. All scorecards need to be signed by Marker and Player.

  3. Pace of play is 4 Hours and 15 Minutes.

  4. Scorecards to be turned in at Fort Stewart (#9 Fairway).

  5. If there is a rule discrepancy, play a second ball and result will be adjudicated at completion of the round.

  6. One Ball Rule is NOT in effect, but all players need to declare their ball and markings and inform if a different ball is to be used.

  7. 49 and under to play from Black Tees, 50-69 to play from Silver Tees, 70 and over to play from Bronze Tees.

  8. USGA GHIN Handicaps (adjusted for tee box) are in effect.

  9. Native areas are to be treated as red-marked hazards (lost ball).

  10. All water hazards are considered red staked.

  11. Ball is to be played down with the exception of the following conditions:

    1. Rake and Place in Bunkers with in one grip.

    2. Abnormal conditions within FAIRWAYS (excluding divots) place within one grip.

  12. Local Rule is in effect for out of bounds (Stroke and distance, two club lengths into fairway.

  13. Max score will be five strokes over par (Par 3: 8, Par 4: 9, and Par 5: 10).

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