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They Say “Drive for Show...Put for Dough”

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

They say “Drive for Show, but Putt for Dough”… That was cleary said by someone who has not met my daughters.

two #WarriorPrincesses that if I pull a four iron out on a 320-yard Par-4, simply look at me with arms folded suggesting:

“Why would you not go for the green with Driver? Don’t ever... ever leave anything on the table Daddy. Isn’t that is what you always say?”

They also clearly did not understand how important it is to impress my daughters, and how much they love saying:

“#SendIt Daddy!!!”....

When one goes well over 300 yards.

Thanks to the Top Tracer tech at Brookhaven Country Club and the @Rapodo mobile launch device for validating these claims....

Also thanks to all those that have been a part of this golf journey that is only 18 months old... especially Richard Bell... “the Mentor “

Special thanks to JJ Thomas for suggesting it as something to get me through the non snowboarding months back in APR 2019.

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