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Professional Snowboarder - US Ski and Snowboard National Team Athlete, Super Halfpipe - Advocate of US Veterans - Servant of Fellow Man - Contributor to Un-Winnable Wars: Finding Victory in the Ashes


Lucas Foster Bio

Lucas Foster is a 19-year-old member of US Ski & Snowboard who competes in the halfpipe. He is one of the youngest members of the team yet possesses some of the greatest potential to represent America in 2022 at the Winter Olympics and, most importantly, to be standing on the podium at the end. 

Lucas got his start on his snowboard from his father Steve Foster who shared his love of the sport the same way a father shares football. Lucas immediately fell in love with the lifestyle and the day by day process (and extremely hard work) of becoming an excellent snowboarder. Through his journey to athletic success (thanks to his mentors and peers), he has expanded his horizons beyond the snow and is actively learning and practicing mindfulness, functional and corrective exercise, and mental/emotional stability and growth.

Through this “journey” he receives fulfillment by sharing his knowledge and “hard-fought wisdom” with other human beings. Lucas strongly believes based on personal experience that with improved changes in everyday routine, clear self-awareness, and self-love that any human on this planet can find true happiness and success in any area of their lives. More importantly, they can utilize their past hardships, past trauma, and shortcomings to their advantage and potentially help someone else. 

While Lucas continues to pursue his athletic career and makes his way towards the 2022 Olympics, he has intentions to inspire and positively impact not only the snowboard community but also individuals and groups beyond the snow. He is on a mission to share knowledge, resources, and his “hard-fought wisdom” to help any and every human being find their true path and “Personal Legend”. With that, he hopes to help them dominate their paths and “crush” their time on planet earth. 

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