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The Phoenix Project

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Three years ago today (27 June 2017), I stepped into a 30-day Veterans Affairs hospital Recovery Program and embarked on a journey now codified as “The Phoenix Project.”

It was the single most humbling experience to that point in my life, but has led to finding my calling, or as described in the #Alchemist … my “Personal Legend”.

To find it, however, I would have to give up everything I thought to make up who I was.

At 36 years old I had overcome what some would consider childhood struggle, the first of my family to graduate from college (and the first commissioned officer from a military family going back to the French-Indian War), becoming an Army Ranger (and commander of Charlie Troop, Task Force 300), retired at 31 years old as a US Army Major (due to wounds in combat), earned two Graduate Degrees, served as a University Business Professor, and started a tech company aimed to prevent losing a US Service Member as a Prisoner of War (POW) through tracking technology.

I ignored the cost of these alleged achievements, thinking I was somehow “special” and would not be affected by circumstances I encountered getting that resume.

To get here today, I had to allow everything I held as my “identity” or “brand” to burn down to the ashes and facilitate the transformation to come, rising from the ashes of good left behind.

Over the last three years, I have realized the “The Phoenix Project” actually began long ago, and everything that has happened since I was a child was part of my journey and had to happen.

Click on the link to stay up to date, receive pre-order details, and a gift for following the Project.

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